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I love storytelling and that is my goal with each session. To tell your story through authentic interactions with your loved ones. These sessions are for families and couples through all stages in life. I will guide you on an adventure outdoors and capture the tiny details of each moment. I want you to relax and enjoy your time with your family. It’s okay if hair is out of place, the kids don’t want to cooperate, or the dad wants to be home watching the game. My goal is to help you look past that and embrace the wild parts of life! Let’s have fun!

Session Fee 

Once you have contacted me and we have talked about the type of session you would like, then you secure the date and time with the session fee of 200 (this is deducted from the overall collection price). This fee covers all the pre planning I do with you.  We talk about wardrobe, styling, location and anything else to make the day extra special! You will have access to any item of clothing within my client wardrobe where I have pieces for ladies and children. If you don’t see something you would like within the wardrobe, then I will work with you to find  another beautiful piece that will help you stand out during your session. I usually start with styling the mom, and then create a style board to coordinate the rest of the family with links on where to purchase.

Session Day

The big day should be stress free and this is my job. I will do all the preplanning with you so that when it’s time to shoot your session you are ready and fully prepared. You will  have your wardrobe picked out, location selected and a presession email with all the details listed for you. I have thought of it all so you don’t have to!

Post Session

After your session, we will have and in person consultation within a week, where you can create your own collection of wall art, albums, and digital images. I use a professional design suite to create mockups of rooms or albums for you. If there is a specific wall in your home you would like custom art to hang on, then you can submit images of the room and I can measure the space to find perfect pieces to complement your style. Each art piece that hangs on your wall should put a smile on your face each time you walk bye. View the bundled collections below as a guide for pricing options.

Fine Details

All digital images that you purchase during your in person consultation will be available within 2 weeks and any albums or prints are usually delivered within 4 weeks. Your customized collection is paid for during our consultation. 

Take a peek at my client wardrobe that is also available!

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For All Full Sessions

bundled collections

200 to book and deducted post session



  • 12 Digital Images 
  • 30 Minute Session



  • 20 Digital Images
  • 2-8×10 High Quality Prints 
  • 1 Hour Session



  • 30 Digital Images
  • 3- 16×24 High Quality Prints 
  • 1 Hour Session +

Motherhood Sessions

Do you hate that only one milestone in your family was captured last year? 

Well, I feel the same way. I know it’s hard to remember to document the important times in our lives, and one session a year just doesn’t cover it all. That’s where the idea for Motherhood Sessions came from. You should be able to capture several stages that happen within a year. For example; pregnancy, infancy, childhood, motherhood or other family milestones. With these four sessions you can choose what you want documented without the financial strain. Quick and straight to the point sessions but highly personalized planning. You will still have access to the client wardrobe and styling assistance.

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Motherhood Sessions

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Pricing Varies depending on location. If you would like for me to join you on your dream vacation or just come to your home state to visit, then I would love to talk more about how we can make that happen! If I can book several session while there, then that can help with the costs. Otherwise, I kindly ask that you pay travel fees (airfare, car rental, 1 night’s hotel stay)

Maternity session with mother kneeling hugging her belly while soaking in the sunlight.
Woman walking down a dirt road with long golden dress flowing in the wind
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What to Expect

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The moment after proposal when the couple embraces. image of ring during hug

With each session I send a contract, invoice and initial questionnaire via email. This will help you understand what I am offering and help me get to know you better.

I can offer my own styling tips and ask you if you are interested in any items of clothing from my client wardrobe.

Mother holding her young son in a sunflower field, while he snuggles in close and plays with her hair.

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