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To My Most In Depth And Comprehensive Course On Using Lightroom

This course will teach you exactly how to use Lightroom to get the most beautiful, bold, and colorful edits. I start at the basics so you can walk with me step by step to master using the program.

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It doesn't have to be so hard. I know because I have been there. Just driving my husband nuts on the computer all hours of the night and trying to find the answer to one simple question. There is so much information out there that really isn't important to start your business.

This is for you

for the one who is constantly scrolling on youtube or google to find out how to use Lightroom:

Hi, I'm Kela! Mentor, photographer, mother of three and your personal motivator

Imagine what it would be like...

Look for yourself and see what all I have included. It is seriously a lot! 

This course will walk you through how to use Lightroom one  step at a time. You will be able to work at your own pace. I have taken into consideration that you might have kiddos at home so you won't have long periods of time to sit and watch long videos. I hear ya, and I got you! These are small and manageable steps to help you reach your goals!

To have all the content at your finger tips to learn to edit the right way!

20 + presets
with walk through videos

I walk you though exactly how to use the presets.

17 Editing Videos covering all the tools Lightroom has

Basics Panel, Tone Curve, HSL/ Color, Color Grading, Detail and so much more.

Bonus tips and tricks + Camera basics

I just couldn't help myself. I want you to have it all!


You need to communicate that you are a professional and you mean business. 

You have been searching to find that extra "pop" and you know it's because you just need to learn a little more about editing to get you there. I have spent so much money on workshops and mentorships so when 
I say I get it, I GET IT. I hope to take some of that financial strain of by making sure you get all the knowledge in these courses to succeed!

Tell me if this sounds just like you...

I know what you need, friend

You're frustrated that you can't charge more

You want to level up your biz

You're stuck because you only have "stock" photos to launch


Have you ever finished  a session and though "oh no" what now. "What if they hate my work?"
That's imposter syndrome and it creeps up on all of us. I will say that the more knowledge you gain in editing the less this will affect you. You will be able to go to your computer CONFIDENT that you rocked that session and the edits are going to prove it! 

This is your moment...

yes, let's do it

You just need a little boost, I got you

When I first started editing I would sit and stare at one image for so long and would always feel like I couldn't get it quite right. It took me years to get where I am, and I am continuing to grow to this day..
...so I am NOT saying you will magically know it all. What I AM saying is that this is the start of something that will take you to the next level where you can continue to grow with less help from youtube and google.

There is a part of you that knows you can't learn it all on your own by binging free content.

Whew, you got this!

your passion is just going to build from here

You will have more time  to focus on the important things

You will avoid that burn out

The main things you will learn are:

Course Downloads

I give you step by step guides and videos on exactly how to use the program. Nothing will be standing in your way to master editing!


The LEArn  Lightroom Course


attract your dream clients

Once you start creating work that you love and are passionate about then others will see it. They will begin to take notice of the story behind your art! They will want you to capture their stories too.


Strategy & implementation

I walk you through how to hone in on your skills and develop your own unique individual style. You will now  have the tools you need to reach your goals in editing.


Crush your business goals

Don't let editing be your downfall. I have all the tool you need to succeed in editing and I am here and willing to. It will require you to put in the work but I know you have what it takes! 


Get in there


This is a work-at-your-own-pace course dedicated entirely to you + your own business growth.

Why I think you are ready

This is for you if:

You need photos that your clients will obsess & drool over

You are ready to take your business to the next level now

You want to communicate your services with photos

You struggle to color correct your images

Your social feed is in desperate need of professional photos

You don't know what to do but post selfies

You're not quite reaching your ideal clients

You want that extra "POP" in your images

yup thats me

Wait, what exactly is in this course??

I threw  EVERYTHING in the pot,
only sorta joking, 

Glad you asked. Here is what you get.

Course Downloads

I will go over all of the details of the course and exactly how to work through it all. I will then send you to download all the course sheets.

What's included


Lightroom Reference Guide

20 + Presets

Video guide on importing and exporting presets

Worksheet for the course


Getting to Know Lightroom

There is so much content on this portion of the course that they wouldn't all fit, but here are a few to give you and idea!

Tools you will learn


Basics panel

HSL/Color Sliders

How to use the Tone Curve

Color Grading


Editing With Presets

I walk you through exactly how to use the presets I provided for download.  These include videos of me editing every image by hand and telling you exactly how I get the result. 

What I cover


Full Editing Start to Finish

An intro to photoshop

How to get that extra "POP"

Removing blemishes and flyaways in Photoshop


Tips and Tricks

I added in all my favorite tips and tricks that I use with Lightroom so nothing can hold you back!

What I mention


Cropping the correct way and why

Matching exposure

Auto adjustments

Color range  masking


Camera Basics

I Included resources and notes  to keep with you to reference for camera basics. You can download them and print.

Topics that are covered


Manual Mode 

Camera Setup



Say Yes to the date and  go for it!

Jump right in and don't hold back

Take this journey seriously and really think about where you want to be in 3  months or less. Then, BUY the Course!

Start crushing your business goals

Don't waste another minute for this offer to expire! Jump in now!

Watch the bookings start rolling in!
 You will love your work and others will see it!

How does it work??

Let me walk you through these three simple steps




Level Up


"There were a number of areas I felt I needed help with and she made them all clear and easy to grasp. The images I am now able to take tell my clients stories more vividly. Learning with her was easily one of the greatest gifts of value I could give both myself and my business. I can now better serve my clients because of her amazing teaching abilities. She is a wonderful human being, friend, teacher and photographer. Do yourself a favor and sign up for her mentorship program now!”


" She video chatted with me several times and really helped take my photos to next level. I kept saying there was something I was missing, but did not know what, and Kela helped walk me through it all. I sat back and genuinely thought, "wow, that's my photo!!" Highly recommend!"


I absolutely loved working with Kela Stout photography She was kind and knowledgeable and has amazing style. She made me feel comfortable and I even came back to work with her in her mentorship program.

"It was a no brainer to work with and learn with Kela through her" mentorship. 

"I was part of Kela's mentorship program and it was amazing!"

"Kela has helped me grow so much in the world of photography. I can’t wait to continue learning from her and having her take all of our family photos!"


This is hands-down the best deal for anybody that is in business!

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