Let's do that                     you've always wanted to do.

My goal is to help you get to that next level and reach your goals!


Let's do that            you've always wanted to do.

LEARN how to use that camera sitting on the shelf

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Let's get together! Two one on one zoom meetings with me where I walk you through mastering Lightroom and Photoshop Basics. 

20+ Presets
All in one Glow up Actions
2 in person zoom meetings
customized mentoring

LEARN One on Ones

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Whether you're a beginner or experienced photographer, go check out the LEARN group on facebook where I share tons of free resources and also have totally FREE COURSES!

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"There were a number of areas I felt I needed help with and she made them all clear and easy to grasp. The images I am now able to take tell my clients stories more vividly. Learning with her was easily one of the greatest gifts of value I could give both myself and my business. I can now better serve my clients because of her amazing teaching abilities. She is a wonderful human being, friend, teacher and photographer. Do yourself a favor and sign up for her mentorship program now!”


" She video chatted with me several times and really helped take my photos to next level. I kept saying there was something I was missing, but did not know what, and Kela helped walk me through it all. I sat back and genuinely thought, "wow, that's my photo!!" Highly recommend!"


I absolutely loved working with Kela Stout photography She was kind and knowledgeable and has amazing style. She made me feel comfortable and I even came back to work with her in her mentorship program.

"It was a no brainer to work with and learn with Kela through her" mentorship. 

"I was part of Kela's mentorship program and it was amazing!"

"Kela has helped me grow so much in the world of photography. I can’t wait to continue learning from her and having her take all of our family photos!"


Feel free to reach out with any questions you have. I love helping others get started. I have been exactly where you are and understand the struggle!

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