5 Tips To Set Realistic Expectations As A Mom Boss

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Here in the LEARN blog we talk and share about all things motherhood and business. I hope to share joy and knowledge for all those just starting out on their photography journey.

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Everything was good until about 10 AM when my son Houston and I were dancing to a little tune, and he fell sideways into one of those large square sensory play cubes. You know the large wooden box with four hard corners? Yep, well he hit his ear and head right on one of those corners. My heart sank. I saw it all happen and just knew it was a big blow. His little ear instantly swelled up and turned purple, plus I felt a little dent behind his ear. I couldn’t tell if it was an actual dent from the impact or just how his head was shaped. I called my husband and he rushed home. He was acting completely normal but the main concern now was if he needed to have the ear drained so it wouldn’t cause permanent damage to the cartilage. I had no idea that was even a thing! Ever heard of cauliflower ear?

We did everything,

called the pediatrician and of course no openings, so they said go to the ER. We went to emergency room and there was no ear, nose and throat specialist or anyone to work with pediatric patients. We decided that maybe it will just fix itself, so we grabbed Chick-fil-a and went home, but when we got home, we just didn’t feel right about it and the way it looked. So, my husband took him back out and this time went to children’s hospital. I Stayed home since we have a 2-month-old and 5-year-old who needed me. It was so hard because my heart was with my hurt baby boy the whole time. I hated I couldn’t be with him.

There I was, just sitting and waiting on any news. The worst, right? Well, the nurse practitioner looked in his ear and apparently saw some blood but didn’t seem concerned, what a blessing. He was cleared and perfectly fine, but I felt like I had just been put through so much! Us mamas put so much pressure on ourselves to keep our homes tidy, keep our families happy and healthy and of course somehow run a business on top of all that!

I bet you’re wondering why the heck I am telling this story, but my point is this:  being a mama is hard and you need to set realistic expectations for your business. When we worry about our babies it’s almost impossible to work through that. I definitely find it hard.  I had so much work that needed to get done, cleaning, editing, making videos, sharing posts, etc., but my first job is with my family, so all of that had to be put on the back burner. Did I think about it? Yes, I did. But we cannot do it all. Sometimes life gets in the way, and that’s okay. Those things can wait, and others will understand. For me, most of my clients are mothers too, so they get it!

5 Tips for Setting Realistic Expectations as a Mom Boss

I hope this help you feel like you are not alone, because I see you mama. Honestly, this blog is like therapy for me, so thank you for coming to my therapy session where I work through the struggles of the day to day with children and being a boss

Comment below if you understand the struggle and share how you set realistic expectations for your business!

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