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This last week I had the pleasure of getting to know a beautiful family who really left a mark on me.

I decided to host a model call for other photographers in the area from my LEARN group. I had a little form for all those who wanted to model for us to fill out that had a question that stated, “tell me your story.” I do this for all my clients because I truly want to know all the details of how couples met, how families have grown, or any other details they would like to share. This helps me tell their story through my lens. There is one that really stood out to me, and it was truly a story I could not wait to capture! 

While shooting, I took the time to give the mama a moment to tell her story to the other photographers who were present. While she began peeling back her layers of all she had been through it brought tears to her eyes and everyone else’s. I am sure that all the hurt, joy and true relief field her heart. As a photographer, I tread lightly and would never want to bring up pain during a session unless there is joy that follows that pain.

That is exactly their story; and in her words I want to share that with you (with her permission).

“So, when we decided to go for baby number two our minds were thinking this would be easy again. Not so much. In January 2021, we started with our first egg retrieval of the year. We got the devastating call that we had no embryos. Nothing fertilized. We had nothing to transfer and no answers as to why it happened. We took some time and decided to move to another clinic. In July we did another egg retrieval, two beautiful embryos were transferred. Neither stayed around for a pregnancy. We were devastated. Again. I was ready to be finished. I wasn’t sure if I could do it all again. The injections, the waiting, the procedures, the financial implications it was just so much. Eric said to me, he had a feeling that it was going to work if we tried again. So, in September, we geared up for round 3 of stimulation meds, ultrasounds, egg retrieval and transfer. We transferred two beautiful embryos. Both took! I miscarried one of our babes, but we are so blessed to be 6-8 weeks away from meeting our second sweet precious miracle!”


This story right here is exactly why I love what I do. I tell stories with my art that families can take home and put on their walls and reflect on for many years to come. It’s about so much more than just another family portrait. It’s about taking the time to connect and using that one hour to capture the most beautiful images with the most meaning. Take the time to get to know who you are working with and plan the session with that in mind. Go out and shoot with a purpose!


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I had no idea how to use it but I became obsessed with the art of figuring it out and making stills come to life. The colors, the moments, and the tiny details spoke to me and made me realize I was in it for the long haul. Four Months later...

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