A Playful Beach Adventure with Mama and Kiddos

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Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of doing a whimsical beach photoshoot adventure with a beautiful mama and her adorable kiddos. From the moment we started, I knew this session would be special, as my goal was to let the children take the lead and guide us on an fun little journey.

The star of the show was undoubtedly the little guy, overflowing with energy and curiosity. I quickly realized that allowing him to lead, with a gentle nudge from me, would make the experience even more enjoyable. One of my go-to tricks was to engage him by saying, “Can you go back and help mama over here?” It’s incredible how asking children to assist their mamas often sparks their enthusiasm, especially when they’re feeling a bit restless.

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Another tactic I used was turning simple actions into playful games. I encouraged the little guy to “pull mommy this way,” then instructed mom to playfully resist and pull back, transforming it into a fun game of tug-of-war. Just a little moment that helped capture the connection between them

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Meanwhile, baby girl was content in mama’s arms, and a little confused by what all I was doing the whole time. While she wasn’t as keen on playing, I knew that she had the most adorable smile and I just had to capture that. I mentioned to mama that “we gotta get baby girl smiling,” I encouraged mama to simply be herself and engage with her and she knew exactly what to do. Tickles, dips side to side, and tender cuddles ensued, resulting in the cutest display of love and sweet baby smiles.

This photoshoot surpassed all expectations, capturing precious moments in time and the pure bond between a mama and her babies. It was a reminder that sometimes, the most magical moments unfold when we relinquish control and allow ourselves to be led by the innocent joy of children.

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